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Networks, Telecom and IT

Infra News Telecom was designed by a team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in Networks, Telecom and IT´s business, who has been watching the major transformation in mankind's information´s consumption behavior. One of the most important facts is, undoubtedly, that we carry the job with us, all the time, in our cellphones. So, it was a natural decision to make a digital, unlimited, multichannel product that allows the advertiser to reach the right audience, all the time and in every possible way.

We have a qualified database of +35,000 names in Brazil and Latin America (including 9,000 ISPs), for whom we sent a weekly newsletter and made available an e-book of the digital magazine.

Infra News Telecom also reaches:

150,000 professional from Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram´s professionals´ groups in which we participate

5,000 professionals from FTTH & Telecom´s installation groups in WhatsApp

4,000 CIOs and IT Managers from Infra News Telecom founder´s Linkedin group

If your company is looking for thousands of qualified prospects in Brazil and Latin America Infra News Telecom can help you.